Sanitation and Disinfection Service in Guwahati and major towns in the northeast

Surface Sanitizer
Surface Sanitizer
We sanitize all surface!
Covid-19 Sanitiser
Covid-19 Sanitiser

In view of the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, we hope that you & your family are doing well and everyone is safe and sound. We hope & pray that we all emerge out of the current situation strongly and with good health.

We have come up with Disinfection & Sanitization Services in the North East India to support the Corona Mukt Bharat mission and to fight war against COVID-19 by using best-in-class technology and WHO approved chemicals. In this regard, we seek your appointment to discuss this further. Upon confirmation, we will forward our best proposal to you for consideration.We look forward to hearing from you. 

  • Kills disease-causing viruses including coronavirus
    Also removes other harmful germs & bacteria
  • Professionals equipped with protective gear
    Fully trained & equipped experts
  • Certified, hospital-grade disinfectant used
    EPA approved chemicals suitable for residential use as well
  • Total sanitisation of high-touch surfaces
    Spraying & wiping of door handles, switchboards etc.

Our Disinfecting Service is effective against 147 viruses and bacteria :

Coronavirus COVID 19

  • Influenza A Virus
  • T4 & T1 Bacteriophage
  • Canine Coronavirus,
  • Distemper & Herpes Virus
  • Staphylococcus (All types)
  • Listeria
  • Salmonella (All Types)
  • Other Viruses

Application Area:

  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Clinics
  • Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industries
  • Food Processing, Dairy, Fisheries & Sea Food Processing
  • Beverages Breweries & Cold Storage Industries
  • Poultry, Hatcheries & Animal Houses
  • Greenhouse, Sericulture Crops & Floriculture Industries

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